Elon Musk Says Holding Bitcoin Is Less Dumb Than Cash, Disputes Peter Schiff's Claims About Money And BTC

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has clarified his position on the bitcoin. Emphasizing that he is an engineer, not an investor, Musk says the bitcoin is "a less liquid form than cash." Kasturi also disputed Gold Big Peter Schiff's claims about the bitcoin and commented on the value of the cryptocurrency.

Bloomberg on Thursday fired the CEO of Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance, as demand for Dodgecoin increased. He commented on Elon Musk's enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency meme during the interview.

"I am amazed that Elon is so passionate about Dodgequin," Xiao said, introducing him. "It's a decentralized free world and anyone can like anything. Could like Emphasizing his firm belief that Musk does not belong to Dogocoin, the CEO of Binance noted that Musk's electric car company Tesla bought bitcoin trading worth 1.5 1.5 billion, not Dodgecoin.

Kasturi watched the interview on Twitter and replied:

Tesla's stock does not directly reflect my opinion. Having some bitcoins, which are less easily liquid than cash, is quite an adventure for the S&P 500 company.

"To be clear, I'm not an investor, I'm an engineer. "I do not own any publicly traded stock other than Tesla," he said.

However, Musk explained: "However, when Fiat has a genuine interest in the currency, only a fool will look elsewhere. Bitcoin is almost like PS at PS. The key word is 'almost'.

Gold Big Peter Chef, who recently criticized Musk and Tesla for buying bitcoins, tweeted on Friday: "According to Elon Musk, 'Bitcoin is almost like fi ps.' So Musk considers both Bitcoin and Fiat to be BS. "

Furthermore, he wrote: "I agree, I just think that the bitcoin, the digital fight currency, is more BS than the paper fight currency issued by the central banks. Gold is not stupid. Real money and better than both. "

Kasturi saw the tweet and replied to the chef:

An e-mail saying you have gold is not the same as gold. You could also be corrupt. Money is just a piece of information that allows us to avoid the hassle of interruption. Those statistics, like all statistics, are subject to delays and errors.

The Tesla CEO continued: "This system is moving in a way that minimizes both." Furthermore, he noted, "he said, BTC and ETH look high."

Refusing to give Musk, the chef continued to comment on gold, bitcoins, and money. On Saturday, he asked Musk to join him in a discussion at the clubhouse.

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