Wooden furniture wooden furniture makers are continually searching for excellent locks with great incentive for cash to supplement their innovativeness. With the cam locks of the Lowe&Fletcher arrangement, wooden furniture isn't just down to earth, yet additionally beautiful and safe. 

Like every single open air application, the letter drop application requires a waterproof lock with a high level security locking component. Cam locks give a tough arrangement and keep private mail from being taken. 

Car parts cam secures have numerous applications in the auto business, including campers and RVs, fuel filler covers, trailer snare locks, rooftop racks, and so forth The Lowe and Fletcher automobile parts cam lock arrangement can deal with practically any application-we likewise give modified arrangements. 

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The security of the resource the executives framework is vital. We give a wide scope of sealed locks for bite and drink candy machines, sales registers, arcade game machines, safes and different applications. 

Bike locks From conventional bike locks to cutting edge lock frameworks for bike batteries and electric bike drive components, our scope of cam bolts and lock frameworks is the response for makers of bike wellbeing arrangements. 

Lodging Due to the strength of the lock, cam locks are a typical decision for a progression of modern lodgings intended to secure mechanical or electrical gear. 

Storage spaces At Lowe and Fletcher, we connect incredible significance to the lock security, everything being equal, and the equivalent is valid for storage spaces. The cam locks utilized on the storage spaces give a protected and solid spot for putting away close to home assets in exercise centers, medical care offices, malls, corporate and modern offices, and a scope of different employments. 

Lowe and Fletchers arrangement of key-worked waterproof cam locks for windows and entryways are frequently utilized by land engineers since they consolidate security and common sense, so family window handles and carport entryways can be fixed. 

Clinical office furniture Medical offices need to store secret and private records and prescriptions safely, and just appointed staff can utilize the keys. Our cam lock arrangement are generally utilized in such offices around the world.